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Archiving services

Range of services

The HPC Department provides the access to:

  • backup process,
  • data archiving service.

The services are aimed at the research teams who use the HPC services, and at various scientific institutions from the region of Lower Silesia. The data storage service is free of charge.

Cultural institutions and institutions of public administration interested in our archiving services are welcome to contact us.

The archiving services are currently developed within National Data Storage 2 and PLATON U4 projects.

Researchers have two options for getting access to the archiving services:

Hardware and software

The services are based on Storage Area Network (SAN) with disc arrays of large capacity and on the tape library Quantum/Adic Scalar 10K with the capacity of circa 3 petabytes (1 petabyte equals 1000 terabytes). Thanks to the virtualisation of the data access, the system is seen as one, cohesive resource. System Lustre, which was implemented for the needs of computing clusters, consists of DDN disk arrays, metadata servers and Object Storage Servers. All the devices communicate with each other over an InfiniBand interconnect.

The backup and archive copies are supported by IBM Tivoli Storage Manager.

The sample usage

A tape library serves the role of a storage place for keeping large data sets used for computing.These resources are used by WCSS systems and services, including the computing servers, e-mail, and the advanced backup system.

Logo DBCWCSS stores i.a. resources shared by a number of libraries and institutions contributing to the Lower Silesian Digital Library project. (

Logo OssolineumNational Ossoliński Institute in Wrocław ( uses the backup and archive systems in order to store a part of its resources in a digital form.


Infrastructure parametres

  • system performance:
    860 TFlops
  • operating memory:
    74,75 TB
  • disk capacity:
    2,7 PB
  • mass storage:
    5,6 PB

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