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Security services

Range of services

The HPC department specialises in information systems security. Our security team maintains the highest standards of computing services and data storage, through the assurance of the proper level of security of our systems and network.

The implemented policies of the backup process protect the users from losing important data and calculation results.

The department's main tasks are:

  • source code audits,
  • conducting of penetration tests,
  • computer incidents management,
  • security policies and authorization systems.

The department is responsible i.a. for the security of Polish computational infrastructure PL-GRID. During the National Data Storage project and Platon-U4 project WCSS participates in the creation of users authentication system, providing architecture and implementation of the system. We also deal with efficient data encryption.

In addition to the above services WCSS runs Certification Centre PIONIER PKI.


Infrastructure parametres

  • system performance:
    860 TFlops
  • operating memory:
    74,75 TB
  • disk capacity:
    2,7 PB
  • mass storage:
    5,6 PB

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