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PL-Grid Infrastructure

Pl-Grid (Polish National Grid Initiative) is a grid computing infrastructure of a national range, which has been developed since 2008 by Polish supercomputing centres such as: ACK Cyfronet AGH, ICM UW, PCSS, CI TASK and WCSS.

The development of this infrastructure has been accompanied by the completed PL-Grid and current PLGrid Plus projects.

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PLGrid Plus

PLGrid Plus project is a continuation of PL-Grid project and its main objective is to allow the Polish scientific community wide collaboration of national and international range in the area of e-Science.

The project main aim is to prepare specific computing environments, which would include services and advanced infrastructure together with software applications, and adapting them for the needs of various research groups. New services will be an important extention of PL-Grid Infrastructure, which has been built in Poland since 2008.

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PL-Grid project

PL-Grid project aim was to create an open, nationwide grid infrastructure that would support the research carried out by various geographically dispersed teams. As a result of the project work, the infrastructure PL-Grid emerged, available to Polish scientists free of charge.

WCSS was responsible for “Infrastructure security”, participated in the development of hardware infrastructure, Operating Centre and provided support and training for the users.

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