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PLATON U3 - Campus services

Campus services are based on innovative, computing structure of a national range that provides applications on demand. Such infrastructure is able to meet the various needs of the academic society by providing the users with flexible, scalable access to specific applications of MS Windows and Linux systems.

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Science Services Platform PLATON - Phase I

Science Services Platform PLATON is a hardware and software infrastructure of a national range, developed as a part of PLATON project. Including WCSS, 22 units – members of PIONIER consortium - participated in this project.

The project resulted with the development of the national ICT infrastructure for science (PIONIER network) providing applications and services to support scientific research and the development of Polish research teams for the innovative economy. The direct goal of the project is to implement modern ICT services: videoconference services, eduroam services, campus services, archiving services and science HD tv services available to the scientific community in Poland.

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PLATON U1 - Videoconferencing

The project aim was to develop and implement the service of videoconferencing that would enable communication between 22 Polish academic institutions. Since PIONIER network, as well as most of MAN institutions operate on high-speed network, there are no significant restrictions on the available bandwidth and delay of videoconferencing transmissions. One of the system nods was implemented in Wrocław Centre of Networking and Supercomputing at the Wrocław University of Technology.

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PLATON U5 - Interactive scientific HDTV services

Interactive scientific HDTV services provide the access to the distribution platform of interactive scientific HDTV for the national academic society as well as PIONIER services based on HD digital content for education, popularization of science and telemedicine.

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PLATON U4 - Universal archiving services

Universal archiving services provide nationwide remote archiving and backup functionality, based on the national network of academic research PIONIER. The service that increases data protection in real time, is one of the elements necessary to increase the reliability of each unit, and was addressed to the academic community, including universities, research and development units and hospitals dependent on universities and medical schools.

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PLATON U2 - Eduroam services

The project supports the implementation of eduroam (ang. educational roaming) solutions in Poland MAN centres, developed under the initiative launched in 2003 by TERENA Task Force on Mobility (TF-Mobility).Eduroam is simple and secure roaming for the users from academic community in Poland, carried out through benchmark security systems for wireless network access, running on all MAN networks and HPC centres.

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