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WCSS has an active phishing reporting email

AAG - Jan. 24, 2022
The Wrocław Centre for Networking and Supercomputing has launched an email address to which messages that appear to be fraudulent can be sent.
Mail systems generally allow such messages to be marked as phishing or spam by using „Report spam" or „Report a phishing attempt" options. If your email service does not have this option and you detect a phishing attempt, or if you have doubts and want the threat to be analysed, please send the suspicious email to: phishing@pwr.edu.pl.

Phishing is a type of attack based on sending e-mails or text messages with links to websites, the aim of which is to trick the recipient into providing confidential data, e.g. for logging into an e-mail or bank account. Cybercriminals pretend in such messages to be, i.a., public offices, state institutions, companies, business partners, banks or courier companies, but also to be friends of the person to whom they send an e-mail or SMS. CERT Polska report shows that only in 2020 the number of incidents increased by as much as 60%.

Phishing emails are supposed to look authentic, but you can pick out details that are a sign that you are dealing with a scam. They often contain a link or infected attachment. Details to watch out for include grammatical errors, incorrect spelling, an unreliable email address (unusual for the organisation the cybercriminal is impersonating), and urges to take action. For more information on how to spot phishing and how not to fall for it, click here. For all other matters relating to mail account administration, configuration, service, etc., please contact your mail system administrators: pomoc+poczta@pwr.edu.pl.