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Distributed Quantum Annealing on D-Wave for the Single Machine Total Weighted Tardiness Scheduling Problem

Wojciech Bożejko, Jarosław Pempera, Mariusz Uchroński, Mieczysław Wodecki

This work is focused on a new distributed quantum annealing method of algorithm construction for solving an NP-hard scheduling problem.

Mixing ReaxFF parameters for transition metal oxides using force-matching method

A. Włodarczyk, M. Uchroński, A. Podsiadły-Paszkowska, J. Irek, B.M. Szyja,

This publication presents the development of the method for the refitting the ReaxFF parameters for a system consisting of the mixed transition metal oxides. Tested several methods allowing to calculate the differences between the vectors of the forces acting on atoms obtained from the reference DFT simulation and the parameters-dependent ReaxFF.

Best Practice Guide – Modern Accelerators

Miłosz Białczak, Mariusz Uchroński, Adam Włodarczyk, et. al.

This work is focused on hardware accelerators offer certain advantages over general-purpose Central Processing Units (CPUs) as they provide a greater computational throughput when applications exhibit high degrees of data parallelism, due to their highly parallel architectural design and high-bandwidth memory systems.

Digital Transformation of the Etymological Dictionary of Geographical Names

Tomasz Kubik

This article aims to contribute to the methodology of the structuring of etymological dictionaries of geographical names and the popularization of knowledge regarding the origin of Silesian toponyms.

Resolving Dilemmas Arising during Design and Implementation of Digital Repository of Heterogenic Scientific Resources

Tomasz Kubik, Agnieszka Kwiecień

This article aims to answer questions that may arise when approaching various designing and implementation dilemmas, for example how to handle processes in a digital repository or to use cloud solutions in its construction.


PRACE annual report

Fabio Affinito, Evangelia Athanasaki, Sanzio Bassini, et. al.

The PRACE 2019 report includes information on the development of local initiatives within the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking, on which PRACE is based. The document also outlines the challenges faced by research entities with high-performance computing infrastructure.