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Data sharing

WCSS provides free of charge tools allowing file sharing. The function of the service is to safely transmit large files by sharing them for a certain period of time. Users who do not have an account in the system can send files with the use of Coupons in the Guest profile. To use the service, go to the following website: https://filesender.e-science.pl/ and follow the instructions. The service is used mainly as a cloud space for file storage. It allows the files to be sent, shared with other users (also with the right to edit them). It also offers a notification function when the file is shared. It allows collaborate edition of documents. The service is available through a web browser and a desktop client. In order to use the service, you should visit the following website: stronę, log on to the e-science.pl platform (or register, if you do not have an account) and follow the instructions.

Do you have questions about the service or do you need additional information? Email us with questions.