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Remote work

WCSS provides access to services allowing remote work and used by WUST employees or by the users of the e-science.pl platform. The conf.e-science (Indico) service is a tool which allows the managing of such events as lectures, workshops, projects, conferences. In this organization method, the personal data of the participants can be managed locally, the required information clauses can be provided, the meeting materials can be published, and the agenda, as well as questionnaires etc. can be prepared.

Participants in teleconferences or webinars can be registered on the following website https://conf.e-science.pl/. A videoconference system aiding the organization of virtual classes and meetings at WUST, managed locally by WCSS. You can use the service by logging on to the WUST central authentication system (SSO).

Do you have questions about the service or do you need additional information? Email us with questions.