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Accessibility declaration

Wrocław Centre for Networking and Supercomputing is committed to ensuring the accessibility of its website in accordance with the provisions of the Act of April 4, 2019, on digital accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public entities.

This accessibility statement applies to the website wcss.pl.
  • Date of website publication: 2012-01-17
  • Date of last significant update: 2024-03-14

Compliance Status

The website is partially compliant with the Act on Digital Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications of Public Entities due to discrepancies or exclusions listed below. Content that is not accessible: 
  • Not all images and illustrations have alternative descriptions.
  • Some downloadable documents and files may be digitally inaccessible for screen readers.
  • In some instances, there are no warnings about a link opening in a new tab.
  • Not all navigation elements of the website are accessible using the keyboard.

  • Some materials were created and published before the enactment of the digital accessibility law.
  • Ongoing programming work and modifications are being carried out to increase accessibility and broaden the audience.

Date of Accessibility Declaration Preparation

  • Statement preparation date: 2020-09-23
  • The declaration was last reviewed and updated on: 2024-03-29
The declaration was made based on a self-assessment conducted by the public entity.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Standard keyboard shortcuts can be used on the website.

Feedback and Contact Information

In case of issues with the website accessibility, please reach out via e-mail kontakt@wcss.pl. You can also reach out by calling 71 320 39 67. The same contact information can be used for submitting requests for inaccessible information and making accessibility-related demands.

Procedure information

Everyone has the right to request the provision of digital accessibility for a website, mobile application, or any of their elements. One can also demand the provision of information in alternative forms, such as reading a digitally inaccessible document, describing the content of a video without audio description, etc. The request should include the data of the person making the request, specify the website or mobile application in question, and provide contact information. If the requesting person indicates the need for information in an alternative form, they should also specify the preferred format. The public entity is obliged to fulfill the request promptly and no later than within 7 days. If meeting this deadline is not possible, the public entity must promptly inform when the request will be fulfilled, with the deadline not exceeding 2 months. If ensuring accessibility is not feasible, the public entity may propose an alternative means of accessing the information. In the event of refusal to comply with the request for accessibility or alternative access to information, a complaint can be filed to report such behavior. After exhausting all claim possibilities, the complaint can also be submitted to the Ombudsman.

Architectural accessibility

Address information

Wrocław University of Science and Technology 
Wroclaw Center for Networking and Supercomputing
Grunwaldzki Square 9 (Building D-2, main headquarters) 
50-370 Wrocław

Building area

The area around the building is accessible for individuals with disabilities. The sidewalks are even, without gaps between finishing elements. There are no obstacles at the entrance to the building that would impede movement. There are no designated parking spaces for individuals with disabilities directly at the building. However, such parking spaces are located approximately 100 meters away from the building.

Building entrance

The main entrance to the building is located at Professor Kazimierz Idaszewski Square. It is adapted for individuals with disabilities and features a ramp. The entrance doors swing open and are manually operated. Due to the weight of the doors, increased force is required to operate them.


The building has 5 floors, and access for individuals with physical disabilities is provided to all floors. In the lobby, there is a stair lift allowing access to the higher ground floor. Additionally, a lift located near room 019 facilitates movement between the floors. Operation of both devices requires notifying the porter (devices are activated using a key). The WCSS headquarters is on the third floor of the building. Access to it is restricted by an access code/intercom. External guests are invited inside by a secretary. There are no toilets adapted for individuals with mobility disabilities in the building. The nearest accessible restroom is located on the ground floor of building D-21 (the second WCSS headquarters, connected to building D-2, fully adapted for individuals with disabilities). The restroom is situated near the cloakroom, close to the entrance of the building.

Additional information

Assistance dogs and guide dogs are allowed entry into the building and all its premises. There are no induction loops in the building. There are no sound markers in the building. Should the assistance of a sign language interpreter be required, please contact the Department of Accessibility and Support for People with Disabilities at least 48 hours before the planned visit (email: pomoc.n@pwr.edu.pl).