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Data storage

The KDM department provides the following services:
  • data backup system
  • data archiving service
The tool used for this purpose is Duplicati – a free of charge tool for preparing backups of data present on the computer hard drive. The application ensures the security of the stored data and great freedom in accessing and managing the deposited content.
Duplicati allows:
  • incremental backup,
  • an option to define rules and filters,
  • transfer limit,
  • copying data to popular websites and servers,
  • employing double encryption tools,
  • controlling the load on system resources (internal planning system).
Encrypted backups are stored on cloud servers maintained by WCSS.

In order to install the Duplicati software, go to the following website: https://github.com/duplicati/duplicati/releases and select the first available position.

The Center allows you also to use the universal archiving service. It enables remote archiving and backup of data based on the Polish academic research network PIONIER.

Do you have questions about the service or do you need additional information? Email us with questions.