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The collocation service consists in the installation of own server in the WCSS server room. As a result, the user does not incur the cost of building and maintaining own infrastructure.

Service scope:
  • Providing space defined in the contract for the purpose of installing own devices.
  • Providing unlimited access to devices to persons indicated by the client.
  • Providing connection of the devices to the electric power supply.
  • Maintaining appropriate air temperature and humidity in the so-called “cold zone”, ensuring optimal server operating conditions.
  • Connecting client devices to ICT ports at WCSS, and thus providing access to fast Internet.
WCSS server room, in which the client’s devices are located, is a fire-resistant, separate controlled access zone. It is provided with:
  • an automatic fire extinguishing system,
  • video monitoring,
  • three-phase low voltage (LV) power circuits, guaranteed power supply with UPS backup,
  • a redundant precision air conditioning system.
The price of the service depends on the server parameters. A detailed price list is provided below.

Do you have questions about the service or do you need a personalized offer? Email us with questions.  

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