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Telecommunication services

WCSS is the operator of the Wrocław Academic Computer Network (WASK) – a public, municipal backbone network in Wrocław, along with other networks connected thereto, which use the WCSS address space. It allows one or more local networks of the subscriber to be connected in order to provide access to national and world servers of Internet services and high-performance computers.

The scope of telecom services provided by WCSS includes:
  • subscriber telecom services (including access to the Internet, dedicated point-to-point and point-to-multipoint data transmission services, VPN tunnels),
  • traffic exchange between operators,
  • transit traffic to other operators.
We provide services on the 24/7 basis. As part of the service, we offer free of charge and fast assistance of specialists in removing faults and irregularities in the operation of WASK links and infrastructure. We perform ongoing monitoring of the load on backbone links and interconnection points with the networks of the largest national and international operators.

We ensure that the subscriber's/user's information is kept confidential by:
  • installing network devices and terminations of transmission routes in protected rooms,
  • protecting absolute confidentiality of information by the staff operating the network,
  • encrypting all information.
As a telecom operator (entered in the register of telecommunication companies), WCSS can use the existing telecommunication infrastructure, which significantly reduces the costs of construction and operation of a connection to the network and reduces the time needed for its launch. 

WASK subscribers are institutions that have signed a subscription agreement with WCSS. After accepting the order, technical arrangements are made, and then an agreement is concluded specifying the scope of services, their performance parameters and the price.

Do you have questions about the service or do you need a personalized offer? Email us with questions.