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Permanent URL/URI shortening service

The URL shortener allows to reduce the length of your URL to make it easier to forward and share. The tool also allows you to monitor the number of clicks on shared links.

From the service level, the user has access to a view with a table containing:
  • original URL (the full clickable link appears after hovering the mouse over the i symbol),
  • shortened URL,
  • information about the date of creation of the shortened link,
  • information about the availability of the link (if it displays indefinitely, the — sign will appear),
  • the counter of clicks on the shortened link.
The last column of the Actions table allows to remove an unnecessary link by clicking the Delete button.

The tool is accessible from the browser only for logged-in users.  Link to the service: https://urls.lab.dariah.pl/.

The service is part of the DARIAH-PL infrastructure, which was developed by WCSS as part of the Dariah.lab project, see here.

Do you have questions about the service or do you need additional information? Email us with questions.